David Nelson

Cancer?” they stared.

Like it.” He replied.

Cancer?” they repeated.

Well, it spreads like that,” he said.

Malignant?” they inquired.

Without a doubt, malignant,” he stated.

How can this be? Malignant?”

Allow me to quote from Websters,” he said.

Very dangerous or virulent; causing or likely

to cause death!”


So, no hope then?” they asked.

Quite the contrary,” he replied.

But you said cancer. And then you said

malignant…likely to cause death.”

I did.”

Then death is a certainty.”

Oh yes, that is quite true. No avoiding that.”

Heads spinning, they sat shakily.

Cancer. Malignant. Death certain.

What are we missing? Where’s hope?”

Eternal,” he replied.


So, there is hope?” they asked.

Absolutely,” he said. “Absolutely.”

Then how? In what form?”

Total transfusion,” he said.

A substitutionary blood donor.”

Then bring him here. We will pay anything.”

Of course,” he said. “But the payment

has been made, freely.”

And this substitutionary blood donor will

eradicate the cancer?” they asked hopefully.

Without exception,” he said. The recipient will experience

totally new life. As if they were born again.”

There is one caveat,” he said resolutely.

A personal obligation.”

Anything,” they excitedly replied. “Anything.”

First, you must accept the gift.”

Yes, yes, gladly,” they shouted.

And then you must believe that the

malignancy has been totally eradicated.”


With all your heart.”

Believe? Why believe?”

A time will come in the future,” he began,

long after the excitment of the transfusion

has passed, you will think the cancer has returned.

Every professional you ask will confirm that it’s true.

But it has not, nor can it. You see this substitutionary

transfusion is irrevocable and eternal. No matter how

it feels to you, the cancer is permanently gone.

You will experience false symptoms, even internal pain.

It is then, right then, that you must believe.

Believe with all your heart, in spite of the pain.

In spite of the suffering, if you believe,

really believe, the pain will subside and

you will feel stronger than you’ve ever felt before.”

But what if we forget? What if we’re too weak?”

Don’t worry,” he said softly,

I am leaving someone to watch over you.

Someone to remind you of what I’ve said.

And when you’re down, He will comfort you.

I must go now.

Remember, believe in spite of any circumstance.”

©David Nelson


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