An Offer I couldn’t Refuse: Eternal Security

It happened by surprise and was to change my life forever. I met a man at work who invited me to church. I said yes but…my own life got in the way that weekend. Unfortunately I had to see him the following Monday because we worked together.

He did not let it go. He asked why I didn’t show and then told me he waited outside for fifteen minutes. I was mortified and promised to be there the following Sunday.

I was and for the next several weeks I attended regularly. Each time I found myself there, I felt a strange drawing to go forward and ask about Jesus. I fought the urge weekly even to the extent of gripping the pew in front of me with all my strength because my body was attempting to stand up and go down that aisle.

I knew if I held out til we prayed the final prayer and shook the pastor’s hand, I would be “ok.” My resistance was totally without foundation, I had no idea why I resisted…other than I needed one more cigarette after church.

Then one Wednesday night my wife and I decided to join the meeting (the first time for this). During the meeting two congregants verbally abused the pastor and got up and left. Leaving the meeting a little confused and silent.

Afterwards, I went up to shake his hand, since I felt drawn to him and his obvious love. He said, as we shook hands, “If there’s ever anything I can do for you, don’t hesitate to ask.” I said, “There is, we want to be saved!” I had no idea I was going to say that. I looked at my wife as though she was a ventriloquist. But I knew it was what I wanted I just had no idea I would say it (God works in mysterious ways?)

Off to his office we went, knelt and prayed. Jesus was now a part of our lives. And remains the cornerstone of my life to this day.


One thought on “An Offer I couldn’t Refuse: Eternal Security

  1. Thank God for that time, as you have been a wonderful friend and brother in Christ! None of which would have happened if you failed to heed His Call!


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