There is guilt …

There is guilt and there is conviction. Guilt depresses, defeats, demoralizes. Conviction motivates and redirects. Guilt is a seed planted strategically by the devil that crops up at the most unexpected times to remind us how pathetic we are. Conviction is an uncommon gift from the Holy Spirit that may come wrapped in sandpaper and burn all the way down. But its purpose is to redeem, to restore, to renew. Embrace conviction–sandpaper and all. It’s God’s patient way of giving us another chance.
(Men of Character, The One Minute Bible; Broadman & Holman)


2 thoughts on “There is guilt …

  1. I agree! I’ve also learned that guilt usually comes through people rather than the Holy Spirit. Usually, someone will approach and say, “You’re doing wrong, and I can prove it.” They then quote three or four scriptures that they have wrangled together to make the belief or behavior in question seem sinful, even though the Bible doesn’t explicitly state that said behavior is a sin. They’ll then keep hammering the point until the person begins to question his/her salvation. It’s a typical shaming tactic used to control believers, draw their focus away from important commands, and rob them of their joy and zeal.

    I may feel conviction whenever someone preaches a sermon or when they speak truth to my heart. But I can feel conviction without people being involved. The Holy Spirit can speak directly to my heart whenever He desires me to change. And as your quote stated, the effects of guilt and conviction are totally different. Conviction empowers, guilt brings doubt and depression.


    1. I agree. God is always faithful to turn us around, redirect our path and bring us to our knees in repentance. People often bring guilt and shame, God brings conviction and change. Thanks for your comment.


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