Be Like A Child

A pastor relates the following true story. During vacation Bible school my wife had an experience with her primary class that she says she will never forget. Her class was interrupted on Wednesday about an hour before dismissal when a new student was brought in.

This little boy had one arm missing and since the class was almost over she had no opportunity to learn any of the details about the cause, or his state of adjustment. She was very nervous and afraid tat one of the other children would comment on his handicap and embarrass him. There was no opportunity to caution them, so she proceeded as carefully as possible.

As the class time came to a close she began to relax. She asked the class to join her in their usual closing ceremony. “Let’s make our churches,” she said, clasping her hands together, finger interlocked. “Here’s the church and here’s the steeple, open the doors and there’s. . .” The awful truth of her own actions struck her. The very thing she had feared the children would do, she had one!

As she stood there speechless, the little girl sitting next to the boy reached over her left hand and placed it up to his right hand and said, “Davey, let’s make the church together.”    Robert Strand, Nine Fruits of the Spirit


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