This Is Love!

This is Love!


Not so long ago I was working in the spare bedroom/office while my wife was still sleeping. It was early and I was working on the computer.

I felt that early morning urge…time to go to the bathroom. But I was focused on my project and ignored my body’s warning signal. Then I got a second urge. This time it was urgent!

I quickly got up and headed across the hall into the bathroom. As I crossed the threshold I felt something like gas trying to escape but realized it was not gas but the beginnings of diarrhea. Too late, I had squirted into my pants. I could not hold it back!

Stepping to the toilet, I pulled my pants down as I bent my knees to sit. Everything shot forth in one dark burst. The spray did not land inside the toilet bowl. Rather it hit on the space between the toilet stool and the water tank. Additionally it splattered on the wall, cabinet and floor. Of course an ample portion was still in my pants and pajamas.

I waited until my body was finished expelling all the poop and tried to clean myself up. It was no use, I needed help. I had to wake my wife and bring her, half awake, into this horrible mess.

Walking funny to the bed, I woke her with, “Honey, I need your help right now!”

She blinked and got right out of bed to follow me into the bathroom. “I had an accident and I am not sure what I should use to clean it up. You don’t have to do it but I don’t want to soil any rags that you use for other things.

She touched my shoulder and said, “I’ll do it. Don’t worry dear. The first thing we need to do is clean you up and wash out the pajamas.” In short order I was all clean and had my soiled pajamas in the other toilet bowl, washing them out.

My faithful wife was sopping up the incredible mess with a bucket of warm water at her side. Carefully she cleaned every bit of my explosion off the toilet, floor, walls and cabinet. In just a few minutes, it was as though nothing had happened. And my stomach was not growling.

Later over tea and coffee I thanked her profusely and she replied, “That’s ok, you really didn’t know which rags or cleaner to use and I was glad to help.”

That, my friends, is love.


3 thoughts on “This Is Love!

      1. Contrast to my first wife, walking out on me pissed after I collapsed on the floor of our apartment with what turned out to be kidney stone pain. Had to crawl to the phone and drive self to doctor…..


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