Two Mistakes

Critics often complain that, if the world is in its present state after nineteen centuries of Christianity, then it cannot be a very good religion.

          They make two mistakes.

          In the first place Christianity–the real thing–has never been accepted on a large scale and has therefore never been in a position to control ‘the state of the world’, though its influence has been far from negligible.

          In the second place, they misunderstand the nature of Christianity. It is not to be judged by its success or failure to reform the world which rejects it.

          If it failed where it is accepted, there might be ground for complaint, but it does not so fail.

          It is a revelation of the true way of living, the way to know God, the way to live life of eternal quality. It is not to be regarded as a handy social instrument for reducing juvenile delinquency or the divorce rate!

Day By Day With J.B. Phillips


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