Unbelieving Believers!


If believers, those who take Jesus as their savior, would actually live the words of Jesus, words of hope, grace, mercy, change that are given to us in the bible, we would be different people. People who can actually leave their past behind. Leave their guilt behind. Leave their failures behind. The Bible says, “Behold you are a new creation, creature, life…all the old things are passed away.” And yet, we live as though those words were never spoken to us.

It is like receiving a beautifully wrapped gift in a splendid box. We carefully unwrap the lavish paper, open the box and exclaim with joy our surprise and happiness with the gift (whether to be worn or used). A few days later, it is still in the box, sitting in a place of honor in the house. Every time we pass by, we stop to admire our gift. We smile and reflect on the giver and how wonderful and thoughtful it was.

A few years later, when we move to another state, the gift remains in the box to be admired. Years pass and we continue to look upon the box and remember the giver and the act of love. But we never take the gift out of the box and use it. We never experience how it might change our lives.

When we die, our relatives pack everything up, including the gift, intact in its box, and take them to the Homeless Shelter, knowing how we loved to give to others.


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