You Must Believe

20140530_170902While observing my appearance in the mirror recently, I did a double-take. I could be mistaken but I believe my forehead is thicker, covered with callouses. Rummaging through my vanity junk drawer, I finally retrieved a magnifying mirror, to more closely examine these mounds. To my shock, they did not exist…at least not physically.

Then I heard my Still Small Voice that seemed to say, “Remember that I’ve given you peace. My peace. Unlike anything in this world. My peace overcomes the world and lasts forever. But you must trust in Me. You must fight against being fearful and anxious. Let Me know your concerns and requests. Bring them to me in prayer…prayer from the deepest recesses of your heart. And, finally, thank Me. Release your expectations of every circumstance, release it to me and thank me, before you see an answer. Thank me because I alone know what is best for you. I alone know the future. And I alone always have your best interests at heart.
You must stop banging your head against those walls of problems, fears, disappointment and depression.

Trust in Me for everything. I am your Redeemer and Provider. I will never fail you. I love you and will transform you into the man I’ve created…step by step. When those trials come, and they will, learn to thank Me because I am strengthening your faith and endurance. But if you don’t understand, ask Me and I will give you the wisdom you need. There is one thing though, you must believe I will answer. Without that faith, I can’t provide My answer.”

I must have been in a trance-like state as God spoke because the next thing I knew, I was once again standing before the mirror. The callouses were gone and my heart was refreshed and hopeful. And then I remembered a verse from the Book of James: “Blessed is the (person) who perseveres under trial.” Well, I’m weary of callouses and do wish to be blessed by you, Father, so I will rely on you to show me how to persevere. I believe you will.


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