Cell Provider

Hello. If you are frustrated with your current cell phone provider I may have a solution for you. Recently a friend reminded me of a company called, Ting. Yes, Ting. They have no contracts and it’s all handled online. No credit checks either.

They also have an amazing Chat line and other helps, including FAQ’s that cover many situations. In addition there is a toll free line.

Here’s how it works: You pay $6 per month for the phone and then you pay for what you use. Just that simple. You owe it to yourself to check them out.

Ting also gives people you refer a $25 credit and the same credit to you! This is not multi-level marketing it is just sharing a good thing. Your first referral gives you $50! Here is Ting’s statement:

Offer friends $25 off a new device or as Ting credit. For each successful referral, we’ll credit your account $25 to say thanks.

Here is my link:  https://zdln5b4ph6c.ting.com/  Use this and you will receive a $25 credit for your bill or a device you may purchase. No tricks or hidden agendas…just a simple phone service plan.


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