The View From Here

I began this blog in 2008! Hard to believe it’s been eight years of blogging semi-regularly. The view from here, no matter what your location or condition, is always so much clearer with the aid of hind sight (usually 20/20 it’s said).

I wonder if I have accomplished any of my goals or have I allowed myself to simply stumble along, wishing my blog was more well-read (more readers). I struggle with lack of readership. Allow me to explain.

I am a Christian. One who follows Jesus Christ as Savior and Redeemer. I decided to start this blog with sharing my faith as one goal. Writing well enough for my readers to enjoy my postings as another. All-in-all, my ongoing desire has been to encourage any who may read my blog entries. Not only encourage, I think, but perhaps to challenge some as well…including myself.

So…how do I ascertain, eight years into this effort, if any of my goals have been met? Number of likes? Comments? Followers? I have wrestled with these criteria but cannot decide if any of them are accurate gauges to provide the answer to my questions.

Maybe, if I choose to rely on my faith in Christ, rather than my ever-so-weak flesh, I can give these ponderings to Him, continuing my blog entries with an assurance of success as measured through the eyes of God instead of facts and figures accumulated by wordpress statistics.

Thank you, my readers, for dropping by from time to time. I pray that my articles and photographs have made some positive difference in your lives.

Grace to you and peace from God the Father.


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