Book Review (Bible)


I love books! I delight in their look, feel and smell. Each new book is not only a reading pleasure but a tactile one as well. Since becoming a Christian, Bibles now rank at the top of my favorites. Joyfully, Bibles come in all manner of sizes, shapes, covers and styles. My copies are dominating my book shelves. And just when I assumed I would not be adding to my collection in the near future, I am offered a free HCSB Illustrator’s Notetaking Bible in return for an unbiased review. Imagine a very broad smile across my face! Out of the blue comes a unique, well-planned Bible with a modern translation, artwork for those who love coloring in designs and lined sections throughout the Bible for taking notes. My copy is a Tan, bonded leather one, easy to carry.

In case you were not aware, Holman Bible Publishers are the oldest Bible publishers in America! Surprised? I was. Not only that, they are also part of LifeWay Christian Stores who are their publishers.

The HCSB Notetaking Bible begins with “God’s Plan of Salvation” on the first page, clearly showing their vision for redemption of all readers. Throughout the Bible, which is printed on cream colored pages, the reader will find alternating columns of designs for coloring and lined spaces for taking notes. Either this will appeal to you or not. However, many people will be attracted to the clever designs and various font-verses that need colored pens or pencils to fill them in. As for the notetaking columns, they are perfect for ideas, highlights and reference points. Although the font is 8 point, it is cleanly laid out and easy to read.

For continuity, Holman has included bold-faced section headings from Genesis to Revelation. These headings provide continuity for the reader which, in some cases, may help clarify the message of that section. Following Revelation is a Daily Bible Reading Plan laid out by weeks. The plan alternates back and forth from the Old to New Testaments. To help remember what you’ve read, there are check boxes to mark.

Surprisingly, the HCSB Notetaking Bible did not leave out a Concordance, which many Bible readers consider essential. Lastly, the publishers have included a few beautifully designed Bible maps which divide equally between the Old and New Testaments.

Coming in two colors, black and tan, I highly recommend this Bible for anyone who can’t resist taking notes and/or coloring in their Bibles but don’t want to carry around a heavy cumbersome version which is better suited for the desk at home.



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