Who Should Be President?



It’s finally happened. The high-flying Red, White and Blue is stained with the wretched colors of thousands of political exaggerations and lies poured out onto the airwaves as well as the internet. Once votes are cast and counted the lesser of two evils will wear the mantle of President of the United States (are we united?)

Trump? Clinton? Which one will gleefully claim victory in November? Will either one allow the solemness of such an incredible responsibility remake them into a servant of the 320,000,000 people living here? If history teaches us anything useful (and it always does), we’ve just witnessed nearly eight years of empty promises and egotism instead of well-honed governing.

Regardless of which “lesser of two evils” walks into the Oval Office in January, God is quietly behind the scenes setting up scenarios that will fit perfectly into His end times puzzle. And then one day Jesus Himself will come down from heaven with an earth-shattering shout, the voice of the archangel and the trumpet call of God!

On that day whoever lives in the White House will suddenly realize the insignificance of their power and authority in comparison to the majestic, almighty power of God.

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