Sarah’s Special Christmas



Sarah’s Special Christmas

By David Nelson


Sarah was an industrious young girl, saving all her money during the year to buy her mother a very special necklace from Johnson’s Jewelers.

She and her mother were looking last December and her mother, in a moment of total honesty, said, “If your dad has extra money, I’d ask him for that beautiful necklace so I could keep your picture next to my heart.”

They grinned and hugged each other in that special mom to daughter embrace. Later, Sarah returned to get the name and stock number for her secret surprise next Christmas. 

Well, it was almost next Christmas and Sarah had saved nearly all the money she needed, $125! It was so hard to not spend any of her money during the year. Many times she almost weakened to buy herself or her friends a treat. But she refused even when her best friend, Caroline, begged her to go to a movie starring their favorite actress. With tears in her eyes, she held fast to her promise, keeping her money safe in her bedroom.

Every week, Sarah stopped by Johnson’s to remind herself of why she was saving all her money. The necklace, with a heart-shaped locket always gleamed and sparkled back at her. Two more weeks and you will be mine, she thought. Mom will be so surprised.

The following two weeks were filled with all things Christmas. Decorating the tree, the house, lights on the house and wrapping presents for friends and relatives. It was just about time for Sarah to pick up the necklace. She couldn’t help grinning as she pictured her mom opening the box.

Two days before she was scheduled to get the necklace, Sarah decided to tell Caroline why she had been saving all her money. She knew she would be excited for her when she found out. 

Caroline’s mother opened the door and invited Sarah in. She seemed downcast. “Can I see Caroline?” she asked. Mrs. Willis replied, “Of course, honey. But she is not in a good mood. We got some bad news today. See if you can cheer her up for me.”

Caroline was on her bed, crying into her pillow. Sarah sat beside her and spoke her name, “Caroline, what’s the matter?”

“Oh, it’s so terrible, Sarah. My dad got fired today. He’s been at his job for longer than I can remember and they sold the company last week. Today he was called in and they fired him. And it’s Christmas.”

“I am so sorry. What can I do to help?” She wondered why she asked that question. What could she possibly do to help Caroline’s  dad?

“I don’t think you can do anything. His final check was very small because they made him pay off his loan before he left. Now he can’t get the car out of the shop to look for work. His cousin Billy said he could work for him until he finds a better job.”

“Then why are you so sad? He has another job right away.”

“Because after he paid for rent and stuff, he doesn’t have any money to pay for the car repair. And he needs the car to go to work tomorrow.”

“Wow. That’s horrible. Does your mom have any money?” And then a little voice spoke inside Sarah–“You have $125 to help your friend’s father. Give it to them.” Sarah was horrified to think of giving up her mom’s money. She had saved all year and her mother deserved the necklace. Giving the money to Caroline’s dad wouldn’t be fair. It was his fault he got fired, I am sure.

“What? You know my mom doesn’t work, Sarah. But actually, I have $15 I’m giving to dad. It’s all I have. Maybe he can talk the repair guy to put it on credit.”

“Yeah, maybe he can. Listen, I have to go now. Give me a hug.”

Wiping her eyes, Caroline said, “Why’d you come over?”

“Oh, no reason. I just wanted to talk. See you later.”

Why should I have to give her my money, Sarah wrestled with that little voice. I’m just a kid. He dad wouldn’t even take my money…probably. I’ve saved all year for my mother. Her joy was ebbing away, taking her excitement with it. Is this fair, she wondered. 

Standing in front of Johnson’s Jewelry with tears streaming down her face, Sarah knew she had to give the money to Mr. Willis. Her mom and dad were always giving stuff away and they told her it was what we are supposed to do…help others, especially when it isn’t easy.

Now she was in the store, staring at the necklace. “Come to pick it up?” a voice nearby said. “I’ve watched you come in all year and I figured you would get it for Christmas. Like me to wrap it up young lady?”

Sarah whirled around and ran out the door, crying as she ran all the way to the Willis’.

Mrs. Willis let her into the kitchen where Caroline and her father were sitting. Sarah reached into her pocket and pulled out the wad of bills, totaling $125, and dropped them onto the table.

“I’ve saved this money and I want you to have it, Mr. Willis. Caroline told me you can’t pay for the car repair so I want you to have the money. You don’t have to pay me back.”

Mr. and Mrs. Willis and Caroline were speechless as they stared at the wad of bills. Sarah ran all the way home, still sobbing. She cried herself to sleep.

“Honey, wake up,” her mother said, gently rubbing her back. “Your dad and I want to talk with you and it’s time to eat.”

She splashed some water on her swollen eyes and joined her folks in the kitchen. “Sarah, we are so proud of you,” her father said, tears in his eyes. “We know how hard it was to save all year for that special gift for your mother. But giving it away at the last minute was amazing. You are so generous, sweetheart. So loving and kind.”

Sarah was puzzled. How did they know what she saved for? “How did you know?”

“You’re not going to believe this,” her dad said, “but I was planning on buying her the same necklace. So today, when I went in to pick it up, the clerk told me about you coming month after month all year and then today how you ran away without buying it I wondered what had happened. So your mother called the Willis’ and they told us what you did. Honey you made us so proud. So very proud. We know how difficult they was. And your generosity was worth a thousand necklaces.”

“I love you so much, mom. But I knew you would want me to give my money to Mr. Willis.”

“You will be glad to know that your father bought the necklace for me and so I bought you one too. Here.”

During her life, Sarah shared the story of saving her money all year and then giving it away just before she bought the necklace for her mother. Her children and grandchildren knew it by heart after a few tellings but they too, became generous, loving people, giving away sacrificially, just as Christ did for everyone. 


Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

We live in an apartment building. About an hour ago one of the manager’s son’s knocked on our door and delivered a small card with the words, “Somebody left this for you at the office. We don’t know who it was.”
I thanked him and asked my wife to open it. She did and, much to our SURPRISE, five twenties fell out. Praise God and Merry Christmas to our anonymous benefactor.