Oregon Autumn

IMG_8104 Gresham Fall
Fall Leaves

Velvety Moss Covered Tree



I stood beneath this magnificent, huge tree in Eagle Fern Park just outside Estacada, Oregon. It was a Sunday afternoon, celebrating a birthday. Typical of July picnics in Oregon, thunder rolled followed by several periods of rain! However, in Oregon people sort of shuffle under the nearest canopy or protective tree branches and continue eating, talking and celebrating.

Sometimes Life Comes Crashing Down

IMG_2779 by justifd4evr
IMG_2779, a photo by justifd4evr on Flickr.

These people in Portland, Oregon, parked their cars and went inside for the routine of life without the least suspicion of such a monumental, cataclysmic life-changing problem. During the night a storm passed through and blew over a very large Fir tree that crushed both cars and damaged the railing above (not in sight in this photo). Perhaps that is why the Bible encourages us to focus on the things of each day since we don’t know what may happen.