Book Review: Another Bible. Good Enough?

CSB Worldview Study Bible


I love books and especially Bibles. But when I received a free copy for review of the CSB Worldview Study Bible, I wondered if this was just another attempt at selling Bibles. I was skeptical.

Before I reveal my opinion, allow me to list the unique features found in the CSB Worldview Study Bible.

  1. Worldview study notes, Christian Worldview Elements, Timeline for each book.
  2. Over 130 articles by notable Christian authors
  3. Center Column references
  4. Presentation pages

I was very impressed by the Navy, leather-like covering and supple feel. Even more impressive is this Bible has not sacrificed reference material for the articles, which is what I thought might happen. I use references all the time as I read any Bible and these are good. Additionally, there are ample study notes at the bottom of each page, with a timeline at the beginning of each book. And– the font is very readable and I wear glasses!

From appearances, this Bible stands out among most in its category. From a reading/study perspective, the CSB Worldview Study Bible is not lacking in any way.

In case you are curious, they made room for an ample concordance too.

I found this excellent Bible a surprise. A wonderful surprise that has kept my attention since the day I opened the box.

I received a free copy of this CSB Worldview Study Bible from Holman Bible Publishers.


Book Review: The Kremlin Conspiracy


April 19, 2018

My favorite novel from Joel C. Rosenberg is The Ezekiel Option. And I’ve enjoy most of the rest. The Kremlin Conspiracy however does not meet my expectations. Now don’t misunderstand me, it is well-written with sections of intrigue, suspense and heart-pounding action but—overall, I was disappointed with the buildup to those adrenaline pulsing sections. Please remember this is my opinion and like any opinion, it may vary greatly from yours.

I wanted more suspense, excitement, mystery and inability to figure out where it was going. This did not happen. As for his writing style, it is superb and well crafted. His ability to bring life to the characters is grand and clever. They became real quickly.

So—give it a read and see if you might disagree with my observations. The Kremlin Conspiracy is certainly worth a read.

Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy with no strings attached.

Book Review: Make Your Voice Heard In Heaven



“It’s important to remember that we do not always receive what we ask for when we pray. . .God knows what is best for our lives. Even when he doesn’t grant our requests, he is nonetheless working all things together for good.”  -Barry C. Black

Using the Bible as his resource, US Senate chaplain Barry Black takes us on a God-directed pathway to the need and reason for prayer. Reminding us again and again, prayer for Christians is not only good it is essential; not only for the prayer but for the entire Body of Christ.

Not resorting to flowery phrases to captivate and fill with false hope, Black writes to-the-point, using hundreds of Bible verses to verify his thoughts and directions. He wants all believers to understand how important prayer is for our lives and the lives of those whom we are lifting up to God.

If, like me, you have struggled with how to pray and in what manner, this book will bring relief and understanding. God created us and He wants us to talk to him. According to Chaplain Black, prayer is a God-ordained method of talking with God.

Tyndale Publishers gave me a free copy of this book for an unbiased review.


Deep Under Cover: Review

Well-written, well-told true story of an enthusiastic young East German Communist willing to risk his life for the propagation of what he thought was the ultimate socialist life for the world.

Jack Barsky, with the assistance of writer Cindy Coloma, recounts with vivid detail, his double life in America living out the assignment of gathering useable information to exploit the weakness of capitalism and democracy as played out in America. Much to his eventual surprise, American life was far from despicable but enviable. And, as he was forced to see with clarity, Communism fell far short of the model government and guide for the world. It was clearly the opposite, favoring those in the upper levels and ignoring the masses.

Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book.

David Nelson

Book Review-Bible Commentary

Book Review

Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary; Ecclesiastes

September 13, 2016

Years ago, when I found faith in Jesus Christ, my father-in-law encouraged me to use, in addition to my Bible, a Bible commentary. I followed his advice and have found a commentary that adds greatly to my overall understanding of the Bible.

When B&H Publishing sent Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary; Ecclesiastes for me to read and review, I was delighted. What an excellent idea. However, for me, the commentary fell short of my enthusiasm.

What I found was a commentary aimed directly at a specific age-group rather than all Bible readers. The authors not only aim this commentary at a youthful audience, it is filled with quotes of mostly current authors and anecdotes to liven it up (I think).

Most seriously, I found little of the promised Christ-centered exposition in the pages of stories and quotes. For me, a Bible commentary must first of all, focus on the sections of the Bible, with an eye to explaining them. I found that lacking in the Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary; Ecclesiastes.

Finally, although this review is not encouraging, it is, after all, the opinion of one reviewer and may not prove accurate to other readers. In my experience, one man’s trash may be another’s treasure.

Book Review (Bible)


I love books! I delight in their look, feel and smell. Each new book is not only a reading pleasure but a tactile one as well. Since becoming a Christian, Bibles now rank at the top of my favorites. Joyfully, Bibles come in all manner of sizes, shapes, covers and styles. My copies are dominating my book shelves. And just when I assumed I would not be adding to my collection in the near future, I am offered a free HCSB Illustrator’s Notetaking Bible in return for an unbiased review. Imagine a very broad smile across my face! Out of the blue comes a unique, well-planned Bible with a modern translation, artwork for those who love coloring in designs and lined sections throughout the Bible for taking notes. My copy is a Tan, bonded leather one, easy to carry.

In case you were not aware, Holman Bible Publishers are the oldest Bible publishers in America! Surprised? I was. Not only that, they are also part of LifeWay Christian Stores who are their publishers.

The HCSB Notetaking Bible begins with “God’s Plan of Salvation” on the first page, clearly showing their vision for redemption of all readers. Throughout the Bible, which is printed on cream colored pages, the reader will find alternating columns of designs for coloring and lined spaces for taking notes. Either this will appeal to you or not. However, many people will be attracted to the clever designs and various font-verses that need colored pens or pencils to fill them in. As for the notetaking columns, they are perfect for ideas, highlights and reference points. Although the font is 8 point, it is cleanly laid out and easy to read.

For continuity, Holman has included bold-faced section headings from Genesis to Revelation. These headings provide continuity for the reader which, in some cases, may help clarify the message of that section. Following Revelation is a Daily Bible Reading Plan laid out by weeks. The plan alternates back and forth from the Old to New Testaments. To help remember what you’ve read, there are check boxes to mark.

Surprisingly, the HCSB Notetaking Bible did not leave out a Concordance, which many Bible readers consider essential. Lastly, the publishers have included a few beautifully designed Bible maps which divide equally between the Old and New Testaments.

Coming in two colors, black and tan, I highly recommend this Bible for anyone who can’t resist taking notes and/or coloring in their Bibles but don’t want to carry around a heavy cumbersome version which is better suited for the desk at home.


Book Review: “All Authority”

513i9UKoJ0L._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_I read several books each year and not all are noteworthy. This one is. “All Authority; How the Authority of Jesus Upholds the Great Commission” by Joey Shaw stands out as an in depth study of the authority and power of Jesus Christ to be our Savior and Redeemer.

Shaw’s chapters are filled with Bible verses to emphasize his reasonings and to encourage the reader to be in The Word. His book takes any emphasis away from himself as he points to Our Redeemer.

Shaw deals with forgiveness, discipleship, obedience and Christ-given power to name a few subjects. His book is not intellectual or theological, it is practical for the readers who wish to walk with Christ as Lord and Savior. For me, proving points about the Bible is not nearly as effective as showing how lives are changed by faith and obedience. Shaw does an excellent job at the latter, using his own experiences to help the reader grasp the life-changing nature of literally giving one’s life to Christ.

Take time to read Shaw’s powerful, Christ-like book and you will be challenged.