This Is America

People walking in building

Not African-America

Not Hispanic-America

Not Asian-America

Not Norwegian-America

Nor any other ethnic prefix. America is the original Heinz 57, mutt, half-breed country, filled with people of all nationalities who’ve come to blend together, forming one nation, indivisible. This is a country filled with almost all nationalities . . . otherwise known as AMERICANS!

Are there injustices here? Are there prejudices here? Is there hypocrisy here? Of course there are. There are people here aren’t there?

The language of America is a version of British English, known as American, molded and fashioned over a few hundred years. But it is basically, English. We speak English in America. Do you wish to live in this country? Then I suggest you learn the language as all the immigrants who’ve landed on these shores legally have. If any American decides to live in Portugal, guess what language they had better learn?

I don’t have the answers to all our ethnic problems but I do know this: if America continues to fragment itself based on ethnic origin, we will eventually collapse as we divide and establish ethnic boundaries. Hate will fill our land. And violence will be the order of the day.

One more thing: America has one flag. The flag of the United States of America. The United States! Pools of blood have been shed to maintain our freedom in these United States. Blood from all manner of ethnic veins. The blood was shed first in 1776 just to form the United States. Not to form a shattered, broken, dis-unified bunch of groups unwilling to share the same language and goals. What about your rights? A better question asked of all of us by this country would be: What are your responsibilities?

Book Review: SNAPSHOT by Lis Wiehl


 BookLook Bloggers <> has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book. I was not required to write a positive review.


Fort Worth, Texas, 1965. Two little girls on a concrete pedestal, a big parade, shots ring out, confusion reigns and lives are changed forever.


The story unfolds by setting the scene for a murder which took place in the past. A federal prosecutor, her father who is a retired FBI agent, their fractured relationship and various other friends, relatives, law enforcement officials interweave throughout this compelling tale, partly fact and partly fiction.


A mysterious key reveals ties to JFK, his brother Bobby and a handmade cabinet from our distant history. The key will hopefully shine the penetrating light of truth on a powerful, dangerous family who walks the pages of this novel.


Wiehl draws authentic characters for the reader with real-life problems known to the readers. There are no super heroes in this novel which makes it better, more authentic and believable.


Although her characters are realistic, she does not take anyone down dark, depressing paths of self-loathing but rather shows normal frailties and quirky behavior, common to most people.


The story also has a built-in timeline which focuses on a planned execution of a man accused of murdering someone at the parade back in 1965. Once everyone involved in the investigation comes onboard, their personal and professional struggles add tension to the tale.


There is one more ominous thread woven through this story and that is a man whose dark past brings life-threatening elements in the background. Wiehl sets this man up with the potential of changing everything for the main characters with his deadly tentacles reaching into the highest levels of power in government and business. The reader is constantly concerned about this man and what he might accomplish.


SNAPSHOT is an interesting and compelling book, worth a read. I think this would be a very good movie.


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