After Easter

After Easter

Do you believe in the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ? Does the question sort of haunt you, make you curious or seem impossible? Then take time to read this booklet, “After Easter: How Christ’s Resurrection Changed Everything”

Small in size, this booklet, which includes the entire Gospel of John from the New Testament, packs a powerful punch with easy to follow narrative coupled with Bible verses to facilitate the reader’s understanding while answering most questions regarding the resurrection of Christ. Did Jesus walk out of his tomb after being dead three days? Reading “After Easter” will answer that question without long paragraphs filled with theological wanderings. The writers seem determined to briefly and clearly tell the tale of His death and resurrection which amount to three days that changed the course of history.

Not only did Jesus walk away from his grave clothes but in so doing, he opened the door for the forgiveness of the sins of the world and a pathway into eternal life. As the writers take us step by step from his birth to the eternally planned death, burial and resurrection, we see the building blocks of God’s magnificent and costly plan of salvation, offered to all of mankind. Through Christ’s sacrifice, we may enter an eternal destination which leads to perfection with God.

Read this book to answer resurrection-related questions that may have you curious, concerned or perplexed. And keep in mind the Gospel of John is included as a bonus.


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